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6 weeks

Participants will develop the knowledge and skills required to be a landscape labourer. This includes tasks such as laying sod, grading and screening, working with tools, setting interlock brick and building retaining walls. Landscapers construct and maintain gardens, parks, golf courses, and other landscape environments. In addition, they advise clients on issues related to horticulture and landscape construction.

Landscaping skills are utilized throughout the construction industry. Some landscapers specialize in areas such as landscape design, construction and maintenance of greenhouses, sodding and nursery production. Landscapers require good communication skills to coordinate and facilitate work with clients, coworkers, and other trades. They also require strong analytical and organizational skills.

Employment in this trade is quite often seasonal with long hours in the summer months. Much of this work is done outdoors, while indoor work may involve greenhouse production, interior landscaping, and sales of plants, landscape materials, and supplies. The work may be strenuous and may involve activities such as lifting, climbing, and bending.