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Frequently Asked Questions

Which apprenticeships does LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre Offer?

The Training Centre offers three apprenticeships, Brick and Stone Mason, Cement Finisher and Construction Craft Worker.

Where are the programs offered?

Our main campus which is located in Vaughan has the largest course catalogue of all four of our campuses. We run all three of our apprenticeship programs and majority of our construction skills programs at this location. There are also courses offered at our Barrie, Cobourg and Kingston campus. Our website details which programs are offered at which campus locations. You must have a valid drivers licence, social insurance number and high school transcripts showing that you have completed at least grade 10 or 16 credits in order to be eligible to take any of our apprenticeship programs.

Do you offer any other construction courses? Is there a cost for these programs?

The LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre offers a host of construction skills programs in various sectors such as Sewer and Water Main, High Rise Forming, Road Building and House Framing to name a few. If you are a member of Local 183 there is no cost for any of these programs.

Will there be a Health and Safety component to these programs?

With all of our apprenticeship and construction skills programs, health and safety is the focus. Each of our programs incorporates the necessary health and safety programs to ensure our members are working safely.

Depending on the program it can run from two to eight weeks, all courses are offered Monday to Friday from 7:30am to 3:00pm.

What if I am not a member of the Union, can I still take one of your programs?

Members of LiUNA Local 183 do receive priority for any of our apprenticeship or construction skills courses, but typically there are spots available for non-members, with an associated cost. Each course is a different fee.

Is there an age restriction or demographic for your programs?

Our demographic falls between 21 to 35 range but our programs are open to anyone, male or female over the age of 18.

Do I get paid to take training?

Apprentices and trainees are not paid by the Training Centre to take training.

Is a job guaranteed to me when my training is complete?

The Training Centre does not guarantee job placement, as all work is dispatched through LiUNA Local 183.  However, the Training Centre does assist with job placement by notifying the Union of potential candidates that have successfully completed programs.

Will I become a Member of Local 183 if I take a course?

No, membership to the Union is not associated with any of our training programs.

How can I apply for your apprenticeship or skills programs?

You can apply online or in person at our Wilson Avenue administrative office located at 1263 Wilson Avenue, Suite 301, East Wing.

If I apply for an apprenticeship or skills program when will I be contacted?

Once an application for apprenticeships or construction skills program is received, you will only be contacted if and when a spot in the program is available.  It is important to remember that in order to participate in an apprenticeship you will be required to attend an orientation, provide a valid driver’s licence as well as a social insurance number, and be able to present high school documents showing completion of at least grade 10 or 16 credits.  Construction Skills programs only require a valid driver’s licence and social insurance number.  In regards to health and safety programs, you will be contacted within 48 hours to arrange a date.