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Road Construction

6 weeks

The LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre Road Construction program has been one of the Centre’s signature programs and has run successfully over the last 15 years. In the Road Construction program, trainees will learn how to set lines and grades. They will also learn how to form and pour different types of curb and gutter. They will also demonstrate the skills required to set and install catch basins, frames and covers. Workers may work on projects including roads, highways, parking lots, bridges and patchwork.

The Roads sector is primarily a seasonal one and extremely busy during the peak months of late spring and throughout the summer. Work in this sector could also lead to a position as a General Labourer, Rake Man, or Curb Machine Operator. Workers work outdoors and jobs may include sidewalk construction, patchwork, parking lots, bridges, roads, and highways, just to name a few.