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Cement (Concrete) Finisher Level 2

8 weeks
Red Seal Trade

Cement Finisher Level 2 builds on the existing skills from Level 1 but allows the trainee to work more independently and expand on the learning outcomes they obtained in their Level 1 training. Apprentices will focus on more complex projects and focus on topics such as Placing and Leveling Concrete, Finishing, Curing and Protecting, Cutting, Repairing, and Resurfacing to name a few. 


This Apprenticeship has two (2) in-class levels which are each eight (8) weeks in length and is a Red Seal Trade. Apprentices will be required to challenge the Red Seal exam at the end of their Level 2 training.


Sectors to Consider:


Prerequisite – Cement Finisher Level 1


*Tuition for apprenticeship programs is typically a one-time fee paid for in Level 1. There could be circumstances where additional fees are required. You will be notified should this circumstance arise.