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Cement (Concrete) Finisher Level 1

8 weeks
Red Seal Trade

A Cement Finisher masters the art of applying various finishes to concrete surfaces such as architectural, exposed, acid-stained, patterned, broomed finish overlays, and smooth finishes. Cement Finishers work on a wide variety of vertical and horizontal surfaces and structures such as concrete floors, walls, sidewalks, stairs, driveways, curbs, gutters, dams, bridges, and tunnels. Cement Finishers must possess a sound knowledge of the properties of various types of concrete and how mixes, proportions, and additives affect concrete strength, setting, curing times, finishes, and durability.


During the apprenticeship, trainees will also learn mathematical calculations as well as proper use of measurement, layout, and leveling tools required in the cement finisher trade. Trainees will be taught to use hand and power tools such as floats and screeds.


This Apprenticeship has two (2) in-class levels which are each eight (8) weeks in length and is a Red Seal Trade. Apprentices will be required to complete their Level 2 training.


Sectors to Consider: Roads, High Rise, and Low Rise Forming, Heavy Civil and Concrete and Drain.


*Tuition for apprenticeship programs is typically a one-time fee paid for in Level 1. There could be circumstances where additional fees are required. You will be notified should this circumstance arise.