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Working at Heights Deadline Extended

The Ministry of Labour is extending a compliance deadline for the last phase of its mandatory Working at Heights training.

Since April 1, 2015, employers must ensure untrained or inadequately trained workers on construction projects complete a Ministry of Labour (MOL)-approved working at heights training program before working at heights and using a fall restricting system, fall arrest system, safety net, work belt or safety belt.

What’s changed?

For those who, prior to April 1, 2015, had met previous fall protection training requirements under the Regulation for Construction Projects (O. Reg 213/91), April 1, 2017 was the deadline to complete a new MOL-approved working at heights training program. Feedback from construction sector stakeholders however has led the MOL to extend this deadline by six months. Completion of this last phase will see the training standard universally applied across the construction sector.

This extension though comes with strict conditions. Here’s what you need to know about the revised compliance deadline:

  • Again, it only applies to workers who, prior to April 1, 2015, completed adequate fall protection training (subsection 26.2(1) of the O.Reg 213/91)
  • Workers must be enrolled in an MOL-approved Working at Heights training program to be completed before October 1, 2017  
  • Employers must have written proof of enrollment to include name of worker, name of approved training program and provider, and date training is to be completed. Proof of enrollment must be made available to a MOL inspector upon request.