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2018 Skills Ontario Competition

LiUNA Local 183 Training Centre, LiUNA Local 506 Training Centre, LiUNA Local 837 Training Centre and the Canadian Tri-Fund partnered together for the 2018 Skills Ontario Competition hosted at the Toronto Congress Centre on May 7th & 8th! Our main focus this year for Skills Ontario was Cement Finishing.  LiUNA Local 183, 506 and 837 training centres developed the first ever Cement Finisher demonstration and had two trainees from each local participate.  The hope is that next year it will be a competition at Skills Ontario.  We also had our Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) trainees participate in the Home Building and and Bricklaying competition. Skills Ontario strives to provide Ontario’s students with experiential learning opportunities to expand their knowledge of the careers available to them within the skilled trades and technologies.  Through many of Skills Ontario programs and competitions, which reach thousands of students per year, they are changing the lives and futures of student across the province.